did you get a tattoo on your stomach

Shes looks like @Ritaora

NO HATE CAUSE IM IN LOVE WITH QUEEN , BUT This is a photoshoped i can tell because she has to shadsows .


@savage_.sarah the shadows come from multiple lights


Where is the twins? ??

Excellent photo.

Now that's Caribbean

Gorgeous breathtaking

Look familiar?? @lnhillier @amber.janex

@alexandra_sunkissed puede ser mas bella?

So pretty ❤️❤️

This is what I looked like with my fourth child ( pregnant with only one baby) WOW! BEAUTIFUL PHOTO MRS. CARTER

Brazil love this

? Do you not have same moes on other pictures

I'd just be doing my job

I hope @rickydaylyfe will make @itsbambii like this......she would look good

Beautiful pregnancy photo ! 😍😍😍

Me after smelling bread @lexingunyi9

Faulous @beyonce

@vctrlpz is coming :)

Fake much

Mother Earth

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