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Photo by @renan_ozturk // Kathmandu daily alms and ambulations. Always feels like home coming back to this place. Looking forward to revisiting the village Saadi and showing them the #TheHoneyHunter film and feature article this week and doing some canvas art in the Khumbu. @jetbutterflies @climber.abiral @camp4collective #nepaliloveyou #nepal


So in love with this pict!💕

La gang piccione


Beautiful shot!

Poverty porn?

Sad photo!


الله يساعد كل فقير

الله يساعد كل فقير

Amazing pic

Love the place, my home country.. 😍

Qué bonito, vamos a sitios más libre a hacer fotos a los que tienen menos y no se pueden defender ni pedir derechos... sin vergüenzas y gilipolllas...

This women in picture is Beautiful!! Face.. Amazing Beautiful women!! 💖💖💖💖

@dale.gallaza street photography 👌🏽

Cool shot!

Always feels good going back in Nepal.

Amazing capture

Very Nice Capture ! Great Job !!

@luna_hizzellynni no está taaaaaan mal

@luna_hizzellynni lo pensaré

So beautiful




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