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The twin towers

@_ste_ve_n__ yea god is great kiddo


@b4andafter_uae هو انا قاعد افكر صح؟ تكره المسليمن ولا شوضعها 😐

@_ste_ve_n__ الله اكبر عليك





I'm born that day 😒

To destroy was a inside work of america

@carounette92 prove it

@symohammedsaidi in this context it is. There is nothing wrong with saying God is the Greatest, but the context in which this person is using it, is in fact insensitive. It is proven that it is some kind of common routine terrorists say before they commit terrorism. Don’t try to paint me out bad because I know exactly what I’m talking about, and I’m in no way discriminating!

@karinazyal really? Did the guy in Las Vegas say God is the greatest? Did the guy in Florida say God is the greatest? Did Hitler say God is the greatest?... I think you are discriminating.

@symohammedsaidi first of all, I’m not discriminating in any way! Going into more depth, Jihadists scream allah Akbar during terrorism- my bad I should’ve been more specific. But you have to understand the context in which this person is using it! This shows a tribute of a building, blown up due to terrorism. The link between the event that happened to this building and the phrase allah Akbar is indeed cruel because of its involvement with terrorism. Now, I’m not saying in general it’s bad to say this, I think it’s great for anyone to worship their God, but not if you’re about to blow people up because others have brainwashed you into doing so.

@karinazyal the terrorists are not Muslims. Jihad means struggle or fight against enemies of Islam. The only enemies of Islam are the oppressors. The buildings contained innocent people. The terrorists went against Islam. So that was not jihad. So it is not insensitive.

@karinazyal I get where you coming from. I was just bored. It's late where I am. I just wanted to argue/chat with someone. I am trying to fall asleep.

@symohammedsaidi oh it’s fine don’t worry. At least you have a good heart. Gnight ❤️


@daniigallego_ donde viviremos en unos años JAJAJAJA 😂

Ele edirsiz ki özünüz vurmusuz de

@fakhruzamaansari nah not really

😂 this so funny


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