Kim Kardashian West

I'm so bad with captions



کی پول میده توی سگو میخره

Put some clothes on. You're a mother for gods sakes

Je crois que vous avez oublié de mettre un t-short..! 🧐

👋😆👍™️ <----------- i made that [can i cum in]

"I'm so bad with captions" -- you're also very bad with outfits.

Two girls one outfit

You look so beautiful please write me back

World plz write me back


Very god


Чё бухать приехали?

Nice bra me toh jockey ka chaddi pahenna bhi bhul g iya hu

Hot 🌷

نکن این کارو با ما ناموسن نکن

Rich, but 1 cant afford the bottoms, 1 cant afford a t-shirt

Hell she wearing?! 😩

La cara de oh Dios! Olvide ponerme una blusa! Jaja

"I'm so bad with captions" - you know what else your bad at- PICKING YOUR OUTFIT

Baby u jus Bad in general

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Nice boobs

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