Photos by @ronan_donovan // Here's a rare look at the full batch of photos taken in order to get a published image of two mountain gorillas play-fighting. These two adolescent males - Ubwuzu, 11, and Agahebuzo, 10 - grapple in a playful embrace. Weighing in at 300+lbs, they tussled for 10 minutes, taking short breaks between bouts to catch their breath. The elevation and moving those large bodies left them both breathing heavily. Their teeth are stained black as a result of the tannins in the vegetation they eat. Follow @ronan_donovan for more mountain gorilla photos and stories. This is an unpublished image series from my article in the current issue of National Geographic Magazine entitled The Gorillas Dian Fossey Saved, written by Elizabeth Royte. Link in the bio of @ronan_donovan