Waited too long

Love the Black Hair on You More Kim!


😍 Love these “vintage” inspired pics...You look Gorgeous. They remind me of my early childhood and pictures of my mom in her early 20s, in the late 70s...the hair, but dark blonde, the jeans!! Mom was hot!! ❤️

You remind me in this picture of Cher 😍😍😍❤️

Cher vibes!!

Istaghfar allah. I can see your hair

Alle reingeguckt

Yay you have clothes on

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Don’t wear jeans! Your hips look weird!

Looks a little like Cher in this pic

@lucashass será que se inspirou na tua deusa?

@brbslv será ? Haahah

اخيرا لبس محترم

@luisafernandaw jaja mira la foto que imistaste linda💕no se cuál de las dos es más hermosa😍💕

You look like Cher😍😵



She looks like Danielle Steel for some reason

Omg ❤️


Barbie 👸 Princess 🌹🎀

That hair looks better like this

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