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I pray everyone is safe in this world



That Was The W Eve Was And Is,,But How Will Eve And Adam Be Going Forward With How There Friendship,,Will Be Going,,For Adam Eve Is So On His Mind And So Very Deep In His Soul,,Last Night Had Adam Having This Feeling,,Of Adam Looking For A Way To Not Forget That Eve,,Is Always On T.v. And His Phone,,But How Was Sunday And His Time With Eve,,Is Adam Always Thinking About His Time With Eve,,And How Her Holidays For Christmas And The New Year Will Be,,Yes Adam Is Thinking About That,,Just Looking At Eve Right Now,,Is Already Having Adam,,All Fired Up For Tonight Or Even Later Today,,But Will Eve Please Do Have A Great Day,,And Adam Will Think About Eve,,And Be Seeing Eve Tonight,,And Please Do Look After The Family To,,


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really nice !

Save Me !

Wonderful aleluya

No te preocupes voy a estar a salvo

well how nice of you

Thank You Kim

Mujer gracias por tus rezos Dios te Bendiga acuérdate de mi familia Dios te ama!🙏🏻

so kind of you

I’m falling from cloud 9

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