Training and dieting hard for weeks for tomorrow’s big #ProjectRock @underarmour photo shoot for our next line called CHASING GREATNESS. I have two fun rules when it comes to photo shoots in my gym: I’ll train hard like a MF and you’ll shoot it. And the most important rule, is stay the f*ck outta my way. Everyone wins. I’m more than happy to put in the work, as you guys are gonna dig this new line. Our chase is on. #ChasingGreatness #UnderArmour #ProjectRock 2018. Good God I need a cheat meal and tequila.


Hermosa left like at

Смотреть на Вас - сплошное удовольствие))

Ya really..every one have to face but couple of one can realize

who is the singer


@rhondadebrusk ur welcome

hello, I really admire you, congratulations for the great professional you are. Brazil loves you

Красавчик же 🔥

We all love you with respect, you are so focused and dedicated to being the best in all you do. ROCK ON!!!!!

I don't get star struck, but this man. Lord have mercy. That smile, that laugh, and his heart. It's too much. I would pass out.

Sir you amazing I love ❤️



You do a lot in the gym

You rock

Meu lindo com eu te amo

Hi i love you...

@adles35 twenty one pilots I believe.

@therock ein Traum mit dir einmal zu traniren 🤘

The rock 💪🏼

Follow me @beewheels

Looking at the Tooth Fairy right now!

Love that movie!

Sou muito sua fã

Come to train at Thailand did Jumanji

Eu amo o TheRock😘💖💕 Os filmes dele é muito legal.💖😘😄

Get it in then Rock!

That’s amazingly

Hhhhh j'ai rien compris

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