Good ‘calm before the storm’ chat w/ my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi about the storm that lay ahead of us for the day. Double workout session for our new #ProjectRock @underarmour collection this spring and summer called CHASE GREATNESS. This shot is deceiving since there’s about 25 production crew members off to the side ready to shoot. But everyone waits til Uncle Rock’s pre workout geek juice kicks in 🤓💪🏾


Your coach is your ex wife’s new husband? That’s awesome!

You is a ass

Dbe fbd

Best cool

@therock what do you take for “geek” juice??? I’m in the market for something better. Something that really gets me fired up! Figured you’d be the man to ask! Lemme know big fella!

Жизненно 😌✌🏼

The rock

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Cool! Just cool! 👍😉👍😉😘

Ka dekhat haya

Жизненно 😌✌🏼

It doesn't matter what you take

U are my best hero wrestler and my real true man .. And many of people u inspire u and also inspired me . Even my heart beat stops I can see uu rock AND FINALLY THE ROCK IS COME FOR COOKING

The will to survive

When rock is going to return in wwe

Треним 😌👍🏼

Your in home gym puts my $30 a month gym to shame

ناموسا دوستتداریم ما

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