Gettin’ this photo shoot started. Let’s have some fun. And by “fun” I mean photographers kindly stay the f*ck outta my way. Yay. #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #ChaseGreatnessCollection Spring & Summer 2018.


Olha o meu amor como é lindo 😊😍 tenho que te apresentar @bruna_nobrega95


@therock Waiting for Memorial Day with hopes that a woman shoe is on this new line drop. Just read an article about @underarmour and it’s new redesign on the hovr phantom and I just hope by the 3rd release of project rock it has some sweet kicks for us ladies !

@mr_lexani get back safe dude. Im sure you probably became a rock star (no pun intended) to the ladies. Thank you for your services good sir

@hunglowskee lol thanks bro! Most certainly will! 💯💪🏽


This clothes 😍😍😍


What a look👌

My god😎




@thathappybanana yeeEEEESSSSS

You look like black Adam, so excited for that.

@____fereshtew bia direct bodooo

@meremere_1 damn mad skills! 😲

Just seein this pic make you wanna go ham in the gym, which is what I'm about to do.


@therock @therock wish your under armour apparel wasnt so expensive. Would love to have some of those shoes and workout tank tops. Maybe one day i can save up enough to get some. #wishfulthinking

Where did u get that awesome tatto

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