Selena Gomez

It’s time to shift the balance in the workplace, from representing the few to representing us all. #TIMESUP @timesupnow


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bitch why are you working with a child molester let’s address that fiest




Again what did Selena do wrong, when her song are about Justin? That who she want and love she never sing a love song about any man loving her as they think. And how can she be a bitch when she doesn't say anything to anyone, when it many of you that are bullying her and using cyber bullying techniques against Selena? Now as crazy as this sound. Who know the real story about Woody Allen story as fuck up as it is? When they got marry.. Do you think a church or the law would of prevent that from happing? So in your eyes he molested her yet in Woody eyes he loved her. Just saying. The story is fuck up to begin with. Yet Selena did no wrong. Think of this story. God save Lot from destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. It was him his wife and two daughter that was save. The wife look back and turn into salt. Which left him his two daughter. Yet the daughter had no man so they Got him drunk and both had sex with him. Yet Lot is still called a righteous man. Point is we know what he did was wrong. Yet to bullying Selena over working with him is far greater worst. Because Woody not molesting any one else. As other do over and over. So again what woman right to do want more? To work at a work free place were there balance and justice. Or the right of your free speech, that bully one and destroy many with cyber bullying that never use just balance or justice ? It sad to keep taking a innocent woman who use her woman right in a good way to get where she at. And think she not worthy to fight for woman right. However they support each other who are against another woman right. By bullying them and using cyber bullying techniques again her. So which one is worst now. What Selena did by working with Woody Allen. what many are do to her on her post by bullying her and using cyber bullying techniques against Selena?

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