Mahalo New York Times! Best Super Bowl Movie Trailers: #SKYSCRAPER. Amongst all the big franchise trailers that aired during the game (Avengers, Mission Impossible etc) very cool to see our movie cut thru and make a nice impact. Lots of comparisons to Die Hard, Towering Inferno and The Fugitive. Awesome and flattering - thank you. And THE JUMP OF ALL JUMPS causing quite the stir in the science community around the world on if my character could actually make it or not. I’ll just say now, the jump doesn’t end like you’re thinking it does.. Don’t look down. #SKYSCRAPER THIS SUMMER


Dude ain't making that jump with a gimp leg

خوب بود


He is a great actor but this movie looks stupid

@therock hey bro. No speak English , not si much. I'm from Venezuela. You are the best actor, my favorite, mi Idol, god bless you, forever.. never change!! I hope winner Óscar coming soon 😜👍

You've got 💯 million...cheers!!

That poster reminds me of your scene in The Other Guys with Samuel Jackson. 😂

Are you doing sly stallone cliffhanger

Stop making movies and run for president

Finding favor with God is always well deserved! You’re such a role model

@therock yes I am human being how can I assist?

We see is a picture

Omg can't wait to see it 😱😀😀👏👍

So excited

Killing it! 💪💪💪

Das verhute Gott vom Himmel sprach Hagen entgegen

You're phenomenal @therock





Excellent Well Done by The Team.


sorry but you’re gonna die from that jump

@therock YOU HAVE ALWAYS ILLUMINATED FROM THE UNKNOWN. #godsimage #shepards #faithful #fatherwatchesyou #hawaii🌺


Happy birthday to me💕

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