One of my fav exercises training my medulla oblongata. Thank you photographer @tlillegraven committed to getting the shot.. though from this angle he’s getting covered in my sweat and spit. Fun. #ProjectRock @underarmour photo shoot. #ChaseGreatnessCollection


@bronaghcooper or the towel

Be skinny like you were before

That's it big fella,, smash thows waitz bro ,,😤😜💪🏼


The Rock😎

You are so cool

Beast 💪👊

wwe greater

Taking photo of taking photo of exersise of the Rock 😁

Nice work wish I could be like you

Так держать братан, Hai из России,!

East or west the Rock is best

Gym life.

Old Man

@ralfonzo05 medulla

@c_frizz25 oblongata

Gym lovers

#Stalker @therock Q : Do u like people taking pictures of u everyday and having them follow you just to ask questions and take pictures? doesn't that get in the way?

Xander Cage

That is Motivation 💪🏼🙏

Love the muscles

@emily_anne007 you guys should date

@cooper_barrett I honestly can’t think of anything I’d want more

@cooper_barrett I honestly can’t think of anything I’d want more

oha diyorum 😬😆😎


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