Bring it. Lil’ behind the scenes footage of shooting the intro for the Patriots vs Jaguars AFC Championship Game on Sunday for the NFL on @cbstv. Fun shoot. #JabroniBeating #PieEating


You are the best I love

Just bring it!


Steelers suck



Why were you looking like you just fired someone..anyway awesome game!

@xnighthawkx dude. Stfu. The nfl has nothing to do with race you fucking moron.

You should do the intro for the Super Bowl it would be soooo HYPED!

Love. ....

We love you

My television husband.. Jesus take the wheel

I love you Dewayne 'The Rock' Johnson

I love rock i reallyreally love u

Were u in pittsburg rock plus your awesome dude

@im.just.a.guy.named.dickhead lol did I say anything about race?

Eagles all day philly

Who are you talking to

I wanted the Raiders to make it this year

How come you also used this tag line in the HBO announcement? You need better writers.

I wish you win it 😘

The time is now

Look at the bottom of my picture closely

Its like the wwe style

Yeah the rock



Great acting

@papa_peoples I'm hella weak. Every time he clapped his hand so aggressively I was like omg. Ryan has to see this😭😭

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full form

is that a stadium behind him?? well, duh but like where or which stadium :PP

Just too hood....

And good


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