Sitting in quiet gratitude (like a weirdo) and awe over this unprecedented #JUMANJI news. All this stuff is much bigger than me.. it’s all about you - the fans around the world. I work hard and fingers crossed, I get lucky along the way, but in the end.. none of it happens without you. THANK YOU. #JUMANJI #1MovieInTheWorld #4WeeksStraight


You the man !



ya guys..


speak in Spanish

Ur my favorite wrestler and my favorite movie stat

I what h that its so awsome

I love you

Я люблю тебя, ты самый лучший мужчина на земле! 😘😘😘

I Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

you are the best

gentle and respective guy,love your movies and works

I do not understand anything you say, but I love your voice.🙃

After leaving the movie, I felt Robin Williams would be proud and I still think that. Congrats @therock

Nossa como é lindo 😍😍😍

I went and saw this movie 4 times never laughed so hard it was awesome @therock @kevinhart4real great job guys 👌👍

Number 1 fan

Your charisma and the connection amongst the cast make the movie great. Thanks for being such a well-grounded role model for your fans!

Jamunji was a sick movie #up the rock#

Yo rock you are hands down the best, out of any professional you are the only one that thanks us. That alone shows a lot! Keep up the good movies my son thinks you are hilarious :)

And it's good to with ur fine ass

@lharasilva olha ai

Ruck we love you sooooo mach

@cbloor10 Now, by "sick", you mean "cool" right? You young people today have weird way of talking.

Yeah by sick I mean cool

This is what makes social media stand out. There is no need to wait for a night at the awards to personally offer a thank you, or be standing on front of thousands of reporters. There was a feeling, a need to express gratitude and it can be done within seconds. No one can stop you. Just do it! Congratulations! @therock

Yeah because it is the best it’s really 😁 funny and I really liked it

Você é o homem mais bonito do mundo. DEUS, caprichou em você.

Sitting in quiet gratitude is NOT acting like a "weirdo"'s acting like an outstanding role model for generations now being molded. Society at large doesn't teach them gratitude anymore. WAY TO GO, reinforcing what e're trying to teach them at home.

Leave the beards, it suits you

After Robin Williams passed i personally dont think the movie should have been remade i haven't seen it yet, but will watch it when it comes out on dvd/bluray. Ive been waiting for Rampage!

Пфпокднд вы цкккье ш

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