“That’s a big arm, don’t fight it” And here’s an exclusive teaser for that fun lil’ monster movie called #RAMPAGE about me and my best friend - a gigantic albino gorilla named, George. BIG MEETS BIGGER. #RAMPAGE 🦍🐺🐊


@tdarshania.h emg jumanji udh tayang

@happymutiarafbrnty udh tapi blm pen donlod blm HD

@tdarshania.h kirain msh coming soon😂

כפרעע עלייך



Boom 💪💪✌️



Can’t wait till this come out

cant wait to see it😭😍💗💗

I watched the film the rock

I can’t wait for it to come

Is there's going to be another Planet of the apes movie, you should get a role in it!

U should play football

@gabriellassoaress, nosso próximo filme u.u

@leolivera7 Bem melhor que sobrenatural

Your partner is harambe? You are so lucky

Is there anyway I can intern with your production company? I'd be happy to work for free. I just want to learn from you. @therock

всем привет

@therock i been in love when u learn sign language. It make me really happy and show to all deaf community 💙. Im so proud of u rock 🙏.

Big men👍

🐺🐊🐻 I will love this movie

پیر نشو لعنتی پیر نشو 😭😣

@corentinaudebrand faut aller le voir doudou ❤️

@lea_donada oh oui mon coeur on ira le voir❤️

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