Ooooh when you rip your nipples off though

Inspiration @mely932011

Half of her pictures have her boobs in it

Why don’t you smile like this anymore?

Cute nice and nicer

@zoe___b thought this was Caitlin at a glance.. 😂

@amy___b I'm crying 😂😂

@amy___b Look at her boobs here and then the one above with the cost she defo has had them done


Don’t think if your children saw your pics?! Shame

What a horrible mother!!!! Her poor embarrassed children all 3!!!!

Disgusting and shameful what a sleeze!!!


You look so beautiful then.....



@kayhamp_96 see even kim k does it

@rotem_levy2 רותם תנסי את זה בואי נראה אם זה יעבודדד

@linoymalka98 חחחחחח אומיגאד




@aislingbyrne11 spit of you with the tape 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@sarahcaldwell16 this is where I got it 😂

@smize18 what I'm going to have to do to wear that bridesmaid dress 😂😂😂

מטומטמת זאתי @esangani

@kimkardashian all ways been bad as hell 💎

Thats gonna hurt when it comes of 😝😂😂

Huuy q rico

I wonder what you children will think of you in 15 years (not good)

@heather_blod remember my boob tape trick for picture day in high school? Hahaha

@breenoellesmommy omg how could I forget that bahaha that was the best trick ever

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