We’re all fatigued and tired. Long week.. I get it. But no matter how many days and nights you do it... you’re only as good as the last one you do. Grateful to grind. Let’s get to work. And my left knee looks like I’m smuggling a human head. #SaturdayNightFunk #WestCoastIronParadise


You got big moscles

Is that Mario? @marioo91001 @tonyhdzjr

I see the face in your knee! Lol. Crazy.


Bro your a fucking giant

Loving the tights big man!

Rock I'm your bigggggggggggggggg fan

Cool 💪💪💪💪

Ur instagram pictures are always at the gym why

@therock is there ANY possible way I can intern with you and @sevenbucksprod ? I'm a run n gun shooter but would LOVE to gain some production experience under you and the company... I'm here... use me.

Sorry but I found it fucking funny as hell when you blocked my mate mr Mench @therock

Swole is goal

Best natural body 💪🏽👐

Eu quero seu ajudar

You are great.i love you

@therock an example to follow ! 💪😎

Tatto verrrry goooooog the rock

Papasito rico

Hayranım çok kaslısın

You know it!!

Nice tat

Strong guy never meet

Me encantas!!!

Fuck you

Man, u look great

When do you hit the gym

Mama likey😍😍😍😎😎😎

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