Beauty figure in the world

Reminds me of your hair yesterday @graceleakex

@oliviamazzaxox wow that's really kind of you

Beautiful 💓


Grandma panties!! 😂😂


So cute

Love it


That's not you @kimkardashian

A bixa é poderosa messmmooooo

You look amazing 😍 please follow me 💓

YMG lol😂😂😂

@simaria kim brasileira 😍😍😍😍😍

Verte es apreciar los regalos que nos hace la vida con tu presencia. Eres tan sensacional como maravillosa. Besos

is this you? @henriettelien

I love ❤️ u

Does their plastic surgeon have like a "kardashian special". When one of them goes in for a new nose does he just give them all the same thing? That legit looks like thicker Kylie. And Kris is looking more n more like Kim. Eventually they'll all look the exact same.

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