Rematches are funny things. Sometimes they’re cash grabs, put into works before the first fight even happens. Then you have times where it’s absolutely necessary. When two of the best in their field, possibly ever, met face to face and delivered an epic performance that didn’t have a resolution. As a competitor it eats at you, creates a void that can not be fulfilled until you meet again in the ring. As a fan, it’s something special because you know you’re watching greatness and history unfolding before your eyes. Fight fans around the world, I’m honored and fired up to announce this rematch. @HBO @canelo @gggboxing #CaneloGGG2 #ItAintGonnaBeAnotherDraw


@knocturnal714 I'm down, let's put it on the books

Tripple G by tko

if I have any


GGG 💪💪💪💪💪

My idle

Keep it up

dem muscles doeee O--------O

@el.yero @adrialex1987 @spr_mario__ . Canelo Gonna take it !!.

@mike261984 Did you even see the other fight! GGG totally won! He was robbed! Some body must've paid off that lady judge!

@kendogg702 can't wait


The real fight Canelo vs GGG PT2

Brasil 😘😘😘😘😍😍

@redabaroudi see its a workout shirt! 😉😘

@martinnyystrom none of your bizz,

Love you as my greatest role model



Veryvery good👌👌

بدن ساز کی بودی تو😂


@therock where are the @underarmour shoutouts with that new gear?!🐂

I Lol love Boxing 👊

Honestly can't thank you enough for being such a great role model! Thanks for being someone we can all look up to and thanks for showing us a positive lifestyle and showing us what life really is about thanks for also being the person you are today the path your on right now will get you farther! Faafetai tele lava Rocky Alofa atu @therock @therock @therock


Everyone says this

@therock you inspire me, because of you I was given a new view on this beautiful world and I’m ready to take on its challenges. I work harder every day than I ever have because you made me believe I had it in me. Thank you and I hope to meet you one of these days to thank you in person. God bless #blessed #drive #inspiration

Гена АЛҒА!!!

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