@chrissylxoxo the second and third pic is how they look now idk if they are staying like that not too sure

Love Love Love Love Love 🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨🦄💜✨

@verolsponce mira esta combinación, obvio otrq camisa.

Is she trying to copy kkw

@ameeguenette no modeling kkw items

@mariale asiiiiiiiiiii

She's slaying here🤩

@joel_idey Paris not kim

U look just like Paris Hilton in the 2nd photo.

@jaimkay18 do you think Paris ever thought she’d be working for Kim on day.. haha “Kim did you clean out my closet yet? 🤨” haha Oh Social Media.

Bishhh not Ms.hilton 🔥

Beautiful picture

Cc c mike

Ilave you niceeeee liiiik okokokok😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Very good at


Woahhh there twinning @princessssosa


Awwww, you even let her borrow your wig!

@bodybybenyik It is Paris.


خیلی عالیست

@mikaykay_rice im deeeeeead

Y emcima tu con paris Hilton mira de p pequeña que vreguenza jaaajahaaa

Ganha milhões p se exibir

What is the name of that CAR?


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