Lotta nice buzz about our original concept film, #SKYSCRAPER based in Hong Kong. THIS SUNDAY during the #SuperBowl you’ll see our first teaser trailer and then after the game, I’ll launch our full trailer LIVE to the world on @jimmyfallon. What is a human being willing to sacrifice to save their family? This Sunday during the game you’ll see. #SKYSCRAPER #SuperBowlTrailer


I've watch the Trailer so cool

That's in possible to jump that far

Why the leg


Comeing soon

Rock ji

To. Far. From. Now. Need. To. Watch. Now!!!

i look forward to 3 DANG big brotha movies.... 1. ramapge 2. this 3. jumanji! DANGIT this is the rocks years.... i just realized .. im so happy for you big brotha


only one motivation✌️

Cool picture it original tho?

Looks really cool I love your movies they are always amazing and when I was little and watching fast and furious 7, 8 I thought you and Vin Diesel were brothers but any way your amazing and same as your movies including baywatch

The trailer was so awesome! Can’t wait to watch it!! You are the best @therock Love u loads bro!

I really appreciate it you take your time an


@jost.coastin.thru but rocks dont 😂

HeaT 🔥🔥🔥

Tilted towers


Luv u

Once it's my dream to meet u

Can't wait to see it


i thought it was tilted towers /_\ + 👁️


Tilted Towers 😂

Amo 😍👏🙌



thats ballshit cause his gymlad body weight will bring him down no where near the window wtf smh @therock

ماشالله حلووو

When is it

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