Smoldering intensely... Incredible to have #JUMANJI shatter FURIOUS 7 (and all Fast & Furious films) as my all time biggest domestic box office result — and we’re still going strong. THANK YOU FANS worldwide. Luv u back. Work hard, surround myself with good hard working people and hope I get a lil’ lucky every now and then. Grateful to the core for this career milestone. Thanks again for loving the movie and let’s get back to work. #BiggestOfAllTime #JUMANJI



Watched this today was bloody amazing 😉

So amazing! Follow Me For A Follow Everyone! Thankyou!

I love jumanji

Jumanji is my favorite movie

The movie was so funny

Nice film😍

I was it

Mantap gambar!

It’s amazing what you do everyday!! Shows hard work pays of!! 💪🏼💪🏼😄😄

Can hardly wait

I have seen the movie 🍿 it was ok 👌🏻 but you’re amazing person keep up

I love you

Love this movie so much!!

I loved the movie, I laughed a lot .

You are great !!!

That was definitely my favorite movie 🎥🍿

I watched the movie the other day! It’s mah fave!!! It’s my all time favorite movie

LOVED this movie 💚💚💚

You deserve it! Much love to you!

Bleibt hier im Hause und tragt mit mir das Leid

Kadak ooo

Loved the Smoldering! Haha

@beckywr007 I know! It's been driving me crazy for months now!

We finally went and saw it in the theatre. Everyone loved it. (me especially) ;)

Watching this movie right now


It was a good movie by the way

Just saw Jumanji tonight with my husband for our date night. I loved it!! Very well done. Loved the humor.

Melhor filme! Kkk

I'm waching this movie right now... right NOW💪💪


@rana_alii__ khlsanaaa😂😂

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