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What an incredible week for our business! Humbled and grateful for all the studio interest around town in @rawsonthurber’s brilliant pitch for RED NOTICE- another original tentpole film starring @therock not based on any IP or pre-existing brand whatsoever. It’s a true privilege to roll our sleeves up with the same allstar team from #SKYSCRAPER a second time! @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @ms.wendyjane @legendary @universalpictures #SeeingRed #ItsGoTime #Repost @therock ・・・ RED NOTICE. Grateful to to finish our business week on such a strong note. In the world of Hollywood deal making - this “Ferocious” bidding war was as big and intense as it gets. Deal is unprecedented. Congratulations UNIVERSAL & LEGENDARY for the win. And a huge THANK YOU to all our studio partners who participated in the auction and pushed all their chips in on our big idea. Respect to my good friend and writer/director @rawsonthurber (CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, SKYSCRAPER) for once again coming to the table with an original concept idea - that caused big waves in the world of entertainment. Now the fun part begins for all of us.. we roll up our sleeves, dig in and put in the work. Soon the world will see red. I’ll keep you guys posted. #RedNotice @rawsonthurber @flynnpictureco @sevenbucksprod @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @universalpictures @legendary


Beyond proud and extremely excited to share our first trailer for #SKYSCRAPER 🌇🏗️ with the world! An ORIGINAL tentpole film masterfully directed by @rawsonthurber who wrote an incredibly entertaining, heart-pounding action film with unforgettable characters brought to life by the global icon, the one and only @therock, and the incomparable @nevecampbell along with the rest of our brilliant cast. @thechinhan @roland_moller @officialpabloschreiber @noah.cottrell @mckennarroberts @noahtaylorart Countdown to July 13 starts now! Link to full trailer in bio 👆🏻 @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @mswendyjane @universalpictures @legendary #DontLookDown #CourageHasNoLimits #IfYouHaveVertigoPleaseCheckWithYourDoctorFirst


What an incredible and humbling experience to meet @teamglas, a man who truly shows us that you can achieve any goal and surmount any obstacle- all you need is belief in yourself. Thank you Jeff for your inspiration. #Repost @therock ・・・ Before our #SKYSCRAPER trailer launch during the #SuperBowl, it’s with boundless gratitude and humility I introduce you to this man @teamglas who inspired me to take on this role. The first American amputee to climb Mt Everest, Mr. Jeff Glasbrenner. Being that my character in the movie has only one leg, I knew when I said “yes” to this role, it would be the biggest challenge of my career and most significant because of the community I would represent. I realized thru this entire process that there’s no way I could ever truly understand what it’s like to be an amputee unless I had been one myself. I’m grateful that Jeff gave me the motivation & psychology to fully immerse myself in the role and for that I gave him my word that every one of my actions in this movie would be from my gut, mind and heart. With so much respect, I thank you brother for everything and I hope I make you proud. And thank you for the words I’ll never forget that you shared with me when you first lost your leg... “you can choose to be powerful or you can choose to be pitiful, but you can’t be both”.... Amen. #JeffGlasbrenner #Inspiration #SKYSCRAPER SUMMER 2018


Super Bowl Sunday 🏈 we are comin’ in extra hot!! 🌶️🌶️ Can’t wait to share with you the very first look at our new, original film #SKYSCRAPER. 🏗️🌇 Tune in Sunday to NBC to see what we’ve got in store. #DontLookDown #Summer2018 #ScalingNewHeights @therock @rawsonthurber @nevecampbell @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @ms.wendyjane @legendary @universalpictures #Repost @therock (@get_repost) ・・・ THIS SUNDAY during the Super Bowl, you’ll see the first look at our original concept of an idea, @skyscrapermovie A film not based off a franchise, book, ride or existing brand. Just a lil’ crazy idea from writer/director @rawsonthurber that we thought would make a unique, heart stopping, compelling story. THIS SUNDAY during the game, you’ll see first hand the intense heights we’ll take you... #SKYSCRAPER


Huge win for the home team yesterday! 🏈 Congratulations to the Los Angeles @rams, and thank you for supporting #RAMPAGE! 😁 Coming to you in theaters worldwide #Apr202018 #BigMeetsBigger 🐏🦍🐺🐊 Link to trailer in bio 👆🏻 #Repost @joemanganiello (@get_repost) ・・・ #rampage in theaters April 20th!


#RAMPAGE trailer drops worldwide TOMORROW at 2p PST/5p EST. Buckle your seatbelts, we’re taking you on another wild 🦍🐺🐊ride🎢!!! #23HoursAndCounting @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @sevenbucksds @wrigleypictures @ms.wendyjane @peytonology @wbpictures #NewLineCinema @rbpix @blairrich @rampagethemovie


#RAMPAGE trailer launches worldwide this Thursday!! In the meantime here’s a sneak peak at some badass first look photos from @usatoday #48HoursAndCounting Can’t wait to share with you another EPIC collaboration with @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @jwrickard @peytonology @rbpix @blairrich @warnerbrosentertainment #NewLineCinema #DreamTeam 🦍🐺🐊


It's official! Day One of #SKYSCRAPER 🌆 is in the can. This handsome devil 😈 @rawsonthurber, is so focused and dialed in that he's already well under way making a memorable and epic action thriller! 👏🏻💪🏻 Can't wait to open the doors and let you in to explore all 226 (😱) floors of the world's tallest building 🏙️⛅️, the next modern marvel, The Pearl 🔮on July 13 2018🎆🎇! The disaster genre is our favorite sandbox 🏖️🏝️ to play in and we will continue to raise the bar each and every time we produce a new disaster movie! 🙌🏻 #IrwinAllenWouldBeProud #HopeYouArentAfraidOfHeights #WatchOutForKoresBotha @therock @nevecampbell @thechinhan @roland_moller @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @ms.wendyjane @sevenbucksprod @legendary @universalpictures


Is this a group of construction workers👷🏻‍♀️👷🏽 about to have a dance party 💃🏻🕺🏻or an A+ filmmaking team 🎥🏅at a sewage treatment facility on a location scout? You guessed correctly if the latter. We go to the ends of the 🌎 to find the right creative location. No compromises!! May I present the 🏙️#SKYSCRAPER 🌆director @rawsonthurber, producers and badass crew in Vancouver getting ready to start shooting our new epic disaster movie very soon. Time to build with our hands 🔨. It's what we do! #ThePearl 🔮#HopeYouArentAfraidOfHeights #YMCA #WhateverItTakes #PeeYew 👃🏼#July2018 @therock @nevecampbell @flynnpictureco @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @ms.wendyjane @mittlestix @legendary @universalpictures


🔥🔥🔥 Fired up to announce that the wonderfully talented and effortlessly beautiful @nevecampbell has joined the cast of #SKYSCRAPER! 🌆 Her work has kept people of all ages around the 🌎 thoroughly entertained for years- Party of Five, Scream, The Craft, Wild Things and House of Cards- thrilled to keep the tradition going!! Luckiest 🍀 job in the world to show up every day making movies and telling stories that allow the world to have a good time, have some screams, some laughs & gasps, and connect with one another. We are humbled and grateful 🙏🏻 to continue to work with such talented people. Thank you Neve for jumping on the #SKYSCRAPER 🚂!! @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod @legendary @universalpictures Cameras start rolling Aug 14 with @rawsonthurber You're gonna wanna see what we've got in store with this adventure! #GoTime #SKYSCRAPER #July132018 #Repost @therock (@get_repost) ・・・ Congratulations @nevecampbell for earning the role as our female lead in #Skyscraper. From the Scream franchise to the award winning House of Cards.. excited to shoot with this talented woman. Been prepping this movie for a year and half. Shooting begins in six weeks. #TheBigOne #Skyscraper #CHINA #DontMessWithMamaBear


LA FAMILIA! This is the dream team. I've always been advised to surround yourself with smarter, more talented (and clearly better looking) people than yourself. Well, mission accomplished...that's this amazing & brilliant group of people in the photo (minus myself, dressed as Miami Vice). Ninja agent Brad Slater, Uber Producer Hiram Garcia, and TeamFPC (Wendy, Scott and Jeremy) the most passionate & hard working team in the business. Special shout out to Sheldo for the daily grind of #Baywatch and never settling creatively for one moment. That's the key. Thank you all for making me a better person and better producer. Let's always keep pushing each other! #Baywatch #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork #MiamiWorldPremiere #Hometown #305🌴 @hhgarcia41 @bslater9 @ms.wendyjane @scotify @mittlestix @baywatchmovie @therock


🚨 🚨The BAYWATCH Red Band Trailer has arrived! Get ready to laugh until you cry 😂 as we officially kick off the Summer. Beach "balls" of all shapes and sizes are of course welcome. Only two quick weeks left until we bring you the funniest, raunchiest and action-packed movie of the Summer. Get your cherry red bathing suit and your spray tan ready. The beach is officially back! ON MAY 25 #BeBaywatch #LiveFastRunSlow🏝️ 🏄🏻💦🌊🚿🔫🔥🔥🚨🚨 #FPC @therock @zacefron @priyankachopra @alexandradaddario @kellyrohrbach @ilfenator @thejonbass @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @ms.wendyjane @scotify @mittlestix #Repost ・・・ Summer's HOTTEST & FUNNIEST MOVIE just got hotter. And RED BAND'er... thing and stuff. Enjoy our official RED BAND TRAILER. #CheckTheTaint #ZacAndAHandfulOfBallsack #BAYWATCH MAY 25 🔥


@priyankachopra is the definition of Glamour! She is a wonderful person, massive talent and delivers the most fun and villainous performance in a while. Go Priyanka! #Baywatch #May25 #VictoriaLeeds @therock @zacefron @alexandradaddario @kellyrohrbach @ilfenator @thejonbass @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @scotify @ms.wendyjane @mittlestix


A wave is coming... a wave of cool, toned, dysfunctional badasses are coming! #BeachAvengers -- #BAYWATCH splashes into theaters MAY 25! Check out the new one-sheet and get ready because #SummerIsComing and #BeachesAintReady for this 😂😂 -- See you Memorial Day weekend #InTheaters 🌊💦🐳🐠🏄🏝️


Fort Knox @kellyrohrbach You look sensational. You are as beautiful inside as you are on the outside. Can't wait for the world to see you as CJ Parker in #Baywatch #18K #May25 @c.magazine @therock @zacefron @alexandradaddario @priyankachopra @ilfenator @thejonbass @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @scotify #Repost @baywatchmovie ・・・ She looks just as good in gold as she does in Baywatch red! See the beautiful @kellyrohrbach on the cover of @c.magazine! #BeBaywatch


Live fast... Run Slow. The first ever #BAYWATCH slo-mo marathon is this Saturday at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles! Join us and the Baywatch cast starting at 9a for an awesome Saturday in the sun -- SLO-MO race starts at 11a! Winner comes to Miami with us for the big BAYWATCH premiere! #Repost @baywatchmovie ・・・ Meet the Baywatch cast this Saturday! Sign-up for the #SlowMoChallenge today:


New poster for #BAYWATCH🌊 featuring the incredible @priyankachopra as the villainous Victoria Leeds. Can't wait for the world to see what we've cooked up with this one! In theaters MAY 25. Spend Memorial Day Weekend on the Bay with us! #BeachesAintReady #GuardHard


Get ready to run to the theater (in slow-mo, of course) this Memorial Day Weekend #BAYWATCH #ComingSoon MAY 25, 2017 #LiveFastRunSlow #Repost @therock ・・・ Ready for RATED R fun? Not all superheroes wear capes. Or a lot of clothes. Or stay sober. Mark your calendars.. The (dysfunctional) Avengers of the beach finally arrive. #BeachesAintReady #WhoNeedsMouthToMouth? #BAYWATCH MAY 25th 🔥🔥


Congratulations to our wonderful and incredibly talented friend @alexannadaddario on a stunningly beautiful GQ photo shoot. We are very lucky to have worked with the amazing Alex on #BAYWATCH and #SANANDREAS and can't wait for the next one! Thank you GQ Mexico @gqmexico #Repost @alexannadaddario ・・・ Thank you @gqmexico! photographer: @guyaroch Production and Creative Direction: @fernandocarrillo___ styling: @jennyricker Hair: @dennislanni Makeup: @deannahagan


Excited to be working with this A+ Visual Effects team on #SKYSCRAPER!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 The talented group of individuals we are assembling is not only great at what they do, they're just plain nice to be around. Thank goodness, because we have a strict N.A.P. (No A-hole Policy) on all our films. 👊🏻😉 A huge thanks to everyone at ILM for being such gracious hosts, we can't wait to dive in with you!! @ilmvfx #July132018 #NAP #Repost @ms.wendyjane ・・・ When visiting ILM, take a picture in front of the Yoda statue, you must. 🙌🏻🙌🏻Industrial Light and Magic is the Visual Effects company George Lucas founded in 1975 when he started shooting the first STAR WARS film. They are true pioneers of the industry, and 40 years later they are still at the top of their game with numerous Academy Awards and accolades for their incredible work. Here we are with the team who's going to help us bring the magic ✨🔮to the screen on SKYSCRAPER. Fun fact: John Knoll in the middle of @rawsonthurber and @bubbakrush came up with the idea for ROGUE ONE. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻So grateful 🙏🏻 for the opportunity to work on such a great project with an amazing team that just keeps getting better. Thanks to everyone at ILM for hosting us and letting us unabashedly geek out over all your precious movie artifacts! And thank you @rawsonthurber for writing such an awesome script!! Can we start shooting yet?! #SKYSCRAPER #July132018 🔥🔥@flynnpictureco @bubbakrush @rawsonthurber @therock @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @sevenbucksprod


Start the Summer off by joining our elite team of dysfunctional, beach Avengers. Come and #BeBaywatch with us on MAY 26 #GuardHard #CantWait #Repost @baywatchmovie (Link to full trailer in bio) ・・・ Live fast, run slow. Watch the #Baywatch trailer starring @therock, @zacefron, @priyankachopra, @alexannadaddario, @kellyrohrbach, @thejonbass and @ilfenator. In theatres May 26th. #BeBaywatch


Safe and peaceful travels Bill. You will live in our hearts eternally. #CharacterLegend #BrockFredSimonChet


Ran into the terrific @loganpaul and my new buddy @rice ! #Superbowl51 #Legendary #TraditionVIII


In case you missed it! Our #BAYWATCH #SuperBowl spot filled with #FREEDOM #NoThatsDesecration #Repost @therock ・・・ "You don't get to say that, you're just tan" ~ Mitch Our new #SuperBowl spot. Enjoy! #Baywatch MAY 26th 🔥 * I bet my dude @zacefron a years worth of Thai massages (not from me) he wouldn't wear these Snuffaluffagus huggers in the spot. He did. I lost. Freedom wins 🇺🇸👊🏾


In honor of the Big Game Day -- PT 6 of 7 of our #RockOutWithYourGronkOut talk show series is here! Wait till you see part 7! And check out the new #BAYWATCH trailer during the 3rd Quarter of #SuperBowl51 today #TwoLegends #SloMoRun #ClassicBaywatch #JustWaitForIt -- repost @therock ・・・ GAME DAY!! You can sense our blood starting to boil! Had a blast w/ my brotha @gronk. We're both crazy, but hey it's keeps us from going insane. He's the best Tight End on the planet, but more importantly, he's a real kind hearted dude - and that's what matters most. You MF'rs get ready... there's only ONE ICONIC THING left to do. #SB51 #RockAndGronk #BAYWATCH #IconicSloMoRun


Put together a very special #BAYWATCH Talk Show this week in honor of our new trailer airing during the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl. Two Legends on a couch in San Fran going toe-to-toe. Check out part 1 of 7 below for just the beginning of the hilarity. Wait till you see what we've got in store @therock @gronk #GronkWatch #SpecialDivision #RockOutWithYourGronkOut #GrockOutWithYourRonkOut #WaitWhat #Repost @therock ・・・ Ready to #RockOutWithYourGronkOut with me and @gronk!! In honor of the SUPER BOWL this weekend and our big #BAYWATCH TV spot, me and this fellow good time having beast shot a 7 PART SERIES that'll air now thru the big game. He flew in to San Francisco where I've been shooting Ballers, so we could kick it for a few hours, then he jumped back on the plane and flew to Houston to be with the Patriots in prep for Sunday. We had the BEST time, but you're always guaranteed to have a good time when you... #RockOutWithYourGronkOut #INeedToWashMyHandsNow #BAYWATCH🌊 #SuperBowl51


It may have rained for 30 days straight here in LA but fear not... #SUMMERISCOMING Summer officially starts Memorial Day weekend at the theater with our dysfunctional Avengers of the Beach @therock @zacefron @kellyrohrbach @alexannadaddario @ilfenator @thejonbass @priyankachopra #GuardHard #TheIceMitchCometh -- #Repost @therock ・・・ While you're out there freezing your you-know-what off, doing who-knows-what, with you-know-who, our @BaywatchMovie cast is bringing the HEAT! Join us on @IMDB today for our big #BayDay TAKEOVER. #BAYWATCH MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 🔥