The Extraordinary Adventures of Katerina Grin in the Land of the Midnight Sun 🇸🇪

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Stick to your style! As I mentioned before, I'd like to design my own clothes one day, and here's one more outfit idea, how do you like it? 😜💕I call it Dress of Ideas! Every year I try to replace those yellow stickers with perfect beautiful notebook. Every year notebook mysteriously disappears after a few weeks, and I get back to writing on my yellow stickers again. It's probably for the best, or I'd have nothing to wear today. So that's my style, and I better just stick to it. No notebooks this year, let's make a mess! #whpmystyle


When you're stuck on the couch in your cosy pyjamas, making another New Year resolution and waiting for the right moment to start, I suggest you just start (and there's no need to take your pyjamas off!). As one of my resolutions was skiing, and without snow that would be a real challenge, I changed it to cycling (it's not that bloody cold, as you may think, if you're fast enough!) Don't plan it, live it, be spontaneous! #whpspontaneous


New Year's resolution #1: Stay awake until midnight. LOL. New Year's resolution #1 is Create. And have fun creating! (to stay awake until midnight is more challenging for me) I'm afraid, there won't be much fireworks in our village tonight, but there are always fireworks for those who want to see them! Happy New Year 2018! #whpresolutions2018


1 day until Christmas! Lighting up the stars! #whpcelebrate


When I was little, there was 3 most magical things: books, Christmas and photography. Books made me dream, Christmas made me happy, photography made me believe in magic. My first childhood memory is my own face magically appearing on the blank piece of paper under the water in the darkroom. Who can give up that for the rest of the life? So all those magical things are still with me. Christmas is my job, books is my fantasy, photography is my magic. What is yours most magical childhood memory? #whpclassic


First advent is here, Sweden is lighting the stars! Today, watching those magical lights in the windows, I am inspired by Christmas. And if snow will fall here one day, I am gonna be inspired even more! But I'm fine without (don't listen to me, snow, please please, come!). No, seriously, there is one million things happens every day which can inspire me! Could it possibly be just one source of inspiration? Then I would call mine life. It's sun and the stars, and blue skies, and pink clouds, and strong winds, and deep rivers, and you and me. It's our world and it's magic, that inspires me every day. #WHPinspired


Adventure is just outside your window! We've been home too long, I need a change of scenery! And I'm so ready to say goodbye to autumn! Isn't it winter yet? Can't wait for snow to come back! At least I know for sure, the ice-cream car will. And that's our Friday adventure! What's yours? 😍 #kindlecuriosity #cinemagraph


Happy Sunday! Just some of my favorite things brought together brightly.🚲🌻📚 🐵 (I've told Per that he won't have to suffer this, once I've got a couple of cute, fun-loving kids. He is weighing the pros and cons) But for now we’re just pretending to be the extraordinary couple (from my favourite cartoon Up), who used to live a life of adventure! 😃❤️ #whppretend


Tree of Knowledge. One knowledge I've gained is that I like to convince people believe in magic. The guy who drove past this scene twice in 2 minutes, got to believe for sure. And I hope you believe too. Because there is magic. It is your imagination and making it come to life. But first, books. 📚📖. #stylingtheseasons #simplepleasures #momentsofmine #feelfreefeed #postitfortheaesthetic #bookstagram #bookworm #creativelysquared #byarrangement #inspiremyinstagram #pursuepretty #prettycreativestyle #alittlebeautyeveryday #pocket_creative #pocket_family #pocket_fall_3 #madetocreate #mybeautifulmess #seekmoments #booksbooksbooks #embracingslowerlife #alifeofintention #quietchaotics #seekinspirecreate #calledtobecreative #photosinbetween #littlestoriesofmylife #momentscollected #momentslikethese #bookshelf