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Photo by @naimagreen Throughout #BlackHistoryMonth, celebrated during February in the United States and Canada, we’re highlighting next-generation creatives of color who are shaping the future of their communities. Each of the featured accounts was selected by writer, curator and activist Kimberly Drew (@museummammy). “Naima Green (@naimagreen) has an incredibly generous mode of image-making,” says Kimberly of the Brooklyn, New York-based artist and educator. “She invites each of her subjects to breathe and imagine. In lush landscapes, subjects in the ‘Jewels from the Hinterland’ series are presented in landscapes often denied to black bodies. Many of the figures in the series are writers, community leaders and other photographers, so in one way she presents beautiful images and in the other she presents the possibility for creative change. Her work is like an encyclopedia of dope black people we’ll study in books one day.” Watch our story to see more from Naima.


Photo by @markomestrovic Marko Mestrovic (@markomestrovic) dove right in at a local underwater rugby team practice. “During warm ups, all the players swim around pretty chaotically,” he describes. “I wanted to get as close into the action as possible.” Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPmoveit.


Photo by @ibnuwijayakusuma All it took was a couple of friends and a sunny backdrop for Ibnu Wijaya Kusuma (@ibnuwijayakusuma) to create this #WHPmoveit submission.


Photo by @tobrook “What if dancers would be allowed on a soccer field?” asks photographer Eric Gagnon (@tobrook). “I think we could see some impressive moves!” ⚽️ Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPmoveit.


“Glitter against gloom” is how Indian fashion designer Ashish Gupta (@ashish) describes his colorful, sequined clothes. “Growing up in New Delhi, I always admired my mum’s silk saris and her collection of shoes,” says Ashish. “She had such great taste. It really made me appreciate fabrics and colors, and want to make beautiful outfits — I couldn’t imagine a more glamorous way of living.” After moving to London more than 20 years ago to complete a degree in fashion at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design — and once having his entire portfolio of work stolen at a train station in Paris — Ashish first showed his collection at the 2004 London Fashion Week. He hasn’t stopped creating his “understated overstatement” designs since. “It feels scary, exciting, familiar, moving and inspiring,” says Ashish of showing at #LFW. “I never get used to it - every show feels as intense as the first time.” Watch our story to go behind the scenes with Ashish at his show in London. ✨


For American ice dancers Maia and Alex Shibutani (@shibsibs), their family bond is their greatest strength. “Skating with a sibling is unique,” says 23-year-old Maia (@maiashibutani). “But we’ve always gotten along well. Alex is an awesome big brother and now that we’re on the same team, we treat each other like equals. It’s a huge strength for us to know that we support each other unconditionally.” Competing in their second Winter Olympics, in #Pyeongchang2018, Maia and Alex are no strangers to success in ice dancing, a ballroom dancing-influenced form of figure skating: They are three-time world medalists and two-time U.S. champions in their sport. And earlier this week, they won bronze in the team figure skating event. But being Olympic athletes — together — is their greatest triumph. “Our bond extends beyond our skating together as a team,” says 26-year-old Alex (@alexshibutani). “We’ll be best friends for the rest of our lives.” 🇺🇸 Lace up your skates and watch our story to join Maia and Alex as they prepare for the Winter Olympics (@olympics), which are taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, February 9-25. Keep tuning in as we spotlight competing athletes from around the world.


Photo by @johnny777 A larger-than-life gnome figure, with his hat stretching to the sky like a flower, watches over an office complex’s garden in Tokyo, where photographer Ryoji Iwata (@johnny777) waited patiently to capture the perfect photo. “This gnome made the normal street scene feel surreal,” he says. #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @hamidrezaamiri_ Sorry snow. You won’t stop these soccer stars in Iran. ⚽️ #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo illustration by @icedcarlo Look a little bit closer to see the #WHPillusion in Carlo David’s (@icedcarlo) photo. “My inspiration was growing up in the Philippines listening to Michael Jackson records,” says Carlo, who now lives and works in the Los Angeles area. “Record stores will always remind me of my childhood.”


Photo by @roodster3 Ten years ago, the idea of owning a Mustang was nothing more than a dream for Rudy Simental (@roodster3). “When I saw the #WHPillusion project, it reminded me of the fact that many years ago my idea of owning this car was an illusion. So I turned my actual car into a model size.”


Photo by @kademoiselle In the brightly colored alleyways of the south of France, portrait photographer Karolina Kodlubaj (@kademoiselle) made a well-placed mirror the focal point of her #WHPillusion submission. “The difficult part was to get the perfect position for the model and me — and to find an opposite wall of the same color to achieve the complete illusion.” Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project.


Photo by @elieyobeid Lines and colors camouflage a Parisian woman with a stack of books. #WHPillusion


Photo by @_yafiqyusman_ Yafiq Yusman (@_yafiqyusman_) gathered a group of friends together to play with scale in Singapore. #WHPillusion


Photo by @seasunstefunny Blending in with sea and sand for #WHPillusion. 🌊 Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend's hashtag project.


Photo by @johnnykeethon “You’re blinded by the pure white layer covering everything in your eyesight,” says Simon Kerola (@johnnykeethon) of walking through a forest of untouched snow in Stockholm. “I always feel that if I keep my eyes open, it would look something like this photograph.” #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @maomay__ MaoMay (@maomay__) the cat travels the world. “This photo was taken in Paris near the Notre Dame that you can see in background,” says MaoMay’s human, Giulia. “I took millions of pictures, but this one was the funniest since MaoMay was sniffing my phone.” #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @akamisokatsu A storybook scene in Japan. 🦌 #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @yparlaungan Beach day bliss captured for #WHPsmile. 🌊


Photo by @grin_land “Mona Lisa” got a “natural” remix for #WHPsmile. Kateryna Khmylnina (@grin_land), who lives in Sweden, revisited a tree she photographed last fall to create her submission. “I think Da Vinci would like it, since he had such a respect for a nature, and that’s where many artists take inspiration from,” she says.


Photo by @fahmyrhamadan While the untrained eye might see an everyday street scene, Fahmi (@fahmyrhamadan) sees #WHPsmile. 😃


Photo by @amyhozat “You truly put a smile on my face every morning,” writes Amy Hozat (@amyhozat) in her caption to her daughter, Emma. Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend's hashtag project, #WHPsmile.


Photo by @spitze_meinaugenstern You know what’s better than one Pomeranian? 🐶 #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by @ropdz With his flotation vest on, Rodrigo Pederzini (@ropdz) could only manage to dive 16 feet (5 meters) underwater in this Brazilian lagoon. “But some divers have gone 200 meters [650 feet] deep and still haven’t found the bottom,” he says. #TheWeekOnInstagram


Tonight, the 60th annual Grammy Awards (@recordingacademy) are being presented at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Tune in to our story to get ready for the show with rapper Logic (@logic), whose song “1-800-273-8255” has been nominated for two #Grammys. 🎶


Photo by @yasufumi_phot Snowfall in Tokyo. ❄️ #TheWeekOnInstagram


Photo by In the Austrian Alps in search of fresh powder, Nadine Weiss ( spotted this buried dinosaur sculpture. “At that moment, I immediately thought that getting eaten by a dinosaur would exactly describe my feelings of when you have to leave paradise to go home, but don’t want to,” says Nadine. #TheWeekOnInstagram


#Boomerang by @liztsarevna Our #BoomerangOfTheWeek is part of Elizabeth Tsarevna's (@liztsarevna) blinking #Boomerang series, an outlet she found to express her artistic side. "This one was actually the second of them. I was trying to focus on the contrast of my face without makeup and the picture of my character detail," says the 18-year-old international relations student. "That day, I asked myself, 'Who am I?' and I haven't got the answer yet." 👀❤️


Photo by @scrinkl “I like to work with paper texture and layers,” says Margaret Scrinkl (@scrinkl) of her #myinstagramlogo. “Paper plants give me a sense of spring in the artworks.” We’re inspired by the ways community members make Instagram’s look come to life. Follow along on #myinstagramlogo and add your own ideas.