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We are currently looking for our first few models! Our model search is limited to our Canadian & American furry friends at this time. Both dogs and cats can enter, we are looking for animals of all sizes! Our search will begin today and run until April 13 (the day we take little Butters home)! RULES: - You must be following @buttersandbee - Make sure you like this post and tag 3+ friends you think would like to enter. Each new comment is an extra entry! - Repost this photo along with a few of your best model shots, using the hashtag #ButtersAndBeeSpringModelSearch. Please ensure our photo is the first photo in your post. Please also tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to be a model for Butters & Bee, and please include your neck size. You MUST do all of the above to be considered. We are looking for pets and pawrents who are going to support our brand. Purchasing is not necessary, although it will increase your chances of being selected to be one of our models. MODEL PERKS: - Models will receive 1 free bandana of their choice at the beginning of their term, and a new bandana for each month of their term. (4 total free bandanas) - You will receive a 30% discount on all your purchases, as well as a 15% discount code to share with others. For every 6 times your personal code is used, you will receive a free bandana. MODEL REQUIREMENTS: - We are looking for models for a 4 month period (April 13-August 13). - During this 4 month period, you will be required to post a picture of your pet in their Butters & Bee apparel at least once per week. - You must share your personal discount code at least once per week to your followers. - You must make at least one purchase from our shop during your model term. - We encourage you to favourite us on Etsy, like new listings, and engage with our Instagram page. We want our models to be enthusiastic and excited about our brand. 🐝


Ears for days! 🐰 • Model: @georgiabludog Bandana: Wild Indian Dark • Thanks for the awesome photo Georgia! All Wild Indian styles will be restocked very soon! Keep your eyes peeled and become a #spunkystylespup today!


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If I go to sleep at 7 PM I’ll be able to wake Daddy up at 5 AM!!! Lolololol #early #earlyriser #earlymorning #wakeup


SIX NEW RELEASES ARE UP!!! Four bandanas: - Not your Llama - Prickly Pear - Summer Stroll - Lavender Meadow PLUS - BRAND NEW ROPE CAMERA STRAPS - REVERSE OMBRÉ BRAIDED LEASH Make sure to go check out the new releases ASAP!! . . . . . . #jaspandwiki #jaspandwikico #smallbusiness #shopsmallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #smallbusinesssupporter #handmade #handmadedogleash #handmadedoglead #handmadedogcollar #handmadedogbandana #dogproducts #dogleash #dogleads #dogcollar #dogbandana #etsyshop #etsyseller


You never know what you are going to find at the Global Pet Expo! #globalpetexpo #dogproducts #shopping #justdogsnbpt