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Reaching for the light . At the hospital for a surgical procedure to repair a torn ACL . Ouch . It’s been a long road of ‘prehab’ Physio strengthening he knee ahead of the surgery . I’ve not been able to play sports, jog or even run for a bus for over a year which if you know me then you know how much of a loss that is for me ... so today is day Zero ... in the road back to activity . Wish me well . #ACLcrew


#ThankYou @toolsforlivingba we #NeverForgetToSayThankYou 🌟 Thank you to all our customers, outlets and fans who have supported us thus far. 🌟 #Grateful


*the* moment I realized that dreams do come true. I'd just seen Pariah 4 the 1st time at its Sundance premiere. please continue to d r e a m your BIGGEST d r e a m . Absolutely #anythingIsPossible ......no matter where you come from, what you look like or much money you have. #listentoyourheart #listentoyourGut #knowYourself #theUniverseGotYou #neverforgettosaythankyou


Hoy, celebramos que nos dieron de alta de la neumonia de noviembre. El tratamiento fue largo porque se necesito rehabilitar uno de los bronquios de Emi. Celebramos pasarlo, la valentía de mi pequeña a cada paso del camino y estar juntos. ¡Salud para todos! #happythankyoumoreplease #neverforgettosaythankyou #emiliayanobb